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Having a scholarship alongside can take this mantle off your shoulder.
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How to get scholarships for international education

Excerpts from article published by India Today Web Desk

Scholarships are basically a grant or amount offered by any school, college, university to a person with great ability but having financial constraints. However, some scholarships are available for all students regardless of their skill and financial condition. There are some criteria to fulfill to avail the benefits, and anyone who fits in the requirements is selected.

Some of the types of scholarships provided for students aiming to study abroad are

  • Location-Based Scholarships
  • Course/Programme Specific Scholarships
  • Athletic, Artistic, Research-Based Scholarships
  • Subject-Based Scholarships
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Student-Based Scholarships
  • University-Funded Scholarships
  • Organisation-Funded Scholarships
  • Government-Funded Scholarships

How to apply for the scholarships? 

Almost all universities abroad have scholarships for students to apply to. The usual application process of scholarship for study abroad begins with registration, writing a personal essay/letter, translating and submitting the official study documents and proof of enrollment.

Follow these quick steps to get the best scholarships for International Education:

1. Seek Help 

Do not shy away from getting help from the people around you, whether it’s your university office, professors, friends/relatives studying abroad, or the international education consultants. Contact these people and ask them about the scholarship offered in the universities.

2. Research

The best resource is to go to the university’s website and ask about the various scholarships offered there. Search online and go through the available directories for scholarships over the internet and apply for all the relevant ones.

3. Talk to the scholarship funder

The best way to get details of the scholarship is to contact the funder. They will better guide you about the requirements, eligibility criteria, application process, important dates, and more.

4. Update your CV 

Once done with the selection process that suits your eligibility and requirements, it’s time to do some work on your resume & cover letter. The stronger and attractive it is, the more chance you have of getting the scholarship. Be sure to highlight all your recent activities and achievements. As you apply for international education scholarships, make sure you research the best way to write your resume and cover letter – keeping in mind the practices followed in the country you’re aiming to study in.

5. Find your references

Most of the application processes require you to write personal essays and attest them to references from the people you have worked or interacted with in your academic / professional setting. Reach out to authoritative figures such as professors or employers who can recommend you.

6. Keep a tab on significant dates 

It is the most important thing you have to be careful about if you wish to apply for several scholarships. Mark all the important dates on your calendar to remember everything and ensure a smooth scholarship application process.

7. Explain yourself to the T: 

Make sure to express yourself well, projecting your passion for studying abroad. Also highlight why you deserve to be at a given university, studying the course of your choice.


Now is the best time to voice out and implement your unique idea.
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Find your entrepreneurial spirit

Excerpts from article by Stephanie Burns, published in Forbes

If you’ve ever had that feeling that you were meant to run your own business, that you want to leave the routine of the 9-5 in search of more freedom and flexibility in your career, now might be the right time.

However, before you take the plunge, go through these entrepreneurial lessons:

1. Learn how to adjust to your environment

Don’t ever adjust down or lower your standards, but instead, find a creative way to get what you want while being the best version of yourself. Your environment will dictate what is needed in order to move forward, but it should never compromise your integrity or values. 

2. Believe you are capable

Never allow someone else to determine your destiny or allow their perception of you to become your reality. Stay true to yourself and allow them to have their opinions while you have yours. Remember, one isn’t right or wrong; people are just different.

3. Trust yourself

Don’t think about it, do it. The power of positive thought can change the whole day for you. Many entrepreneurs find it easier to beat themselves up instead of giving themselves the due credit because they never want to disappoint anyone. To know the best path to take in business, let your entrepreneurial spirit guide you. 

4. Keep going despite setbacks

This may seem like a cliche but instead of spending precious time looking for inspirational quotes to make you feel better, make better use of that time. Analyse what it would have taken to win, and make sure that you implement it the next time. Learn from your mistakes. 

5. Never allow yourself to get stuck

Be a forward thinker. When ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ start dragging you down, remind yourself that there isn’t any room in your brain for doubt. Always remember what caused you to start on this journey in the first place, and plan your next move. 

6. Stay in the moment

You have to enjoy the ride even when business gets tough or it seems that you may get thrown off entirely. Entrepreneurs are the strongest and most resilient people. Try to remain in the moment as much as possible.

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