Career Trends: AI is helping marketers strategise better

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Edition: June 7th, 2021
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AI can detect and predict search and social media trends, thus improving marketing strategies. (Image Credit: Freepik)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) started off as alien terms but are now growing rapidly. Content consumption and search behaviour has changed over the decade.

From Alexa’s ability to turn on the lights to Tesla’s self driven cars, AI has quickly become domesticated. This just goes out to show that AI has caught up to our everyday needs, but can ML take over some of the jobs, today? 

According to most global surveys, researchers found that only 37% of marketers had an active AI strategy. As we work with digital publishers and keep up with technical advancements in the industry, we’ve come to understand that their marketing efforts are primarily AI driven. 

With the ability to collect, analyse, apply and then learn from data, AI is transforming the digital space with the speed of light. AI can be used on number data and detect search and social media trends, thus making marketing strategies better. 

Here are some of the things that AI does more efficiently:

1. Quick Data Compilation 

Marketers are constantly trying to optimise effectiveness using the abundance of data. AI can make sense of this accumulated data that companies tend to sit on.

It also structures data to surface insights about customer behaviours, opportunistic content and emotional triggers to inspire conversions. The rise in predictive or analysis tools will help marketers work at a larger marketing scale digitally with the same workforce. 

2. Faster Results

In digital media alone, there have been several instances that prove this. AI can be used to keep track of subscribers and frequent users of a website who can then be targeted for conversion. Once the information is gathered, building strategies and packages that are effective come easy. 

3. Easy Content Management 

Having AI-friendly strategies saves teams the extra time required to compile data, track numbers and for content marketing. AI can be used to manage auto-posting content.

It allows companies to have all their social media accounts linked for easy management and push content across all platforms. Marketers can also use it for SEO to generate meta titles and description tags from the stories. Detecting trends also helps editorial groups and marketing teams to streamline efforts. 

4. Trend Prediction & Budget Planning

With AI, marketing teams can churn predictions, provide customer support solutions and even get data driven customer profiles in real time.

Immediate access to such information helps target more specifically and gets faster results. Having access to micro-trends and predicting trends helps come up with well-rounded marketing strategies that can help plan pragmatic budgets.

AI and automation has evolved to make digital tasks easier. Automation tools in marketing specifically will provide marketers an extra intelligence layer which would help fasten their work. With efficient user categorisation, marketing teams can now act quicker and enjoy immediate results.

Conclusion: AI has eased the tasks of marketers, allowing them to focus on analysis and strategising. However,while you can have AI-centric strategies, there will always be a need for human intervention for optimal and original results.

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