How Can You Embrace the Fullness of Life?

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Education & Career Trends: February 6, 2023

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Only the paradox is capable of fully understanding what life is all about.

  • Article by Andy Murphy, published on Medium.

Jung understood that life needs to be balanced in order to be wonderful. But in order for his life to be whole, he first had to embrace and love all the parts of who he was: the splendour and the guts, the glory and the chaos, the unconscious and the conscious.

Maybe for that reason, he said:

Only the paradox is capable of fully understanding what life is all about.

Consider how we interact with life itself. To survive, we require sunshine, water, food, air to breathe, and exercise.

But if there isn’t enough of either, we die. On the other side, if we consume too much, we also have problems. For example, skin cancer might occur when we receive too much sunshine. Our arteries are blocked by overeating. We drown if there is too much water. The muscles are harmed by excessive activity. Additionally, an excess of oxygen can cause oxidative stress, resulting in interior corrosion and inflammation.

How about this for a paradox: the same substances that keep us alive and healthy may also kill us.

At least life is respectable enough to have a sense of humour!

Life’s facets, from the physical to the psychological and emotional

Life is divided into the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects.

Carl Jung did devote his life to that, after all.

“Integration of the opposites rather than chopping off a part of oneself is the way to reach wholeness”

The risk in life discovered is not accepting oneself completely because things, people, and circumstances may start to manifest in other, less loving ways that demonstrate my need for love and care.

We encounter ourselves repeatedly in a thousand different ways, as Carl Jung also remarked.

Perhaps for this reason, Carl Jung also observed, “We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.”

In order to break the old behavioural patterns, your gratitude towards those who help you see the parts of yourself—especially the painful ones—needs to be improved. Only then would you be able to muster the courage to accept yourself.

Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event

People would turn up and act out that role for you in order for you to experience it, such as when you feel uncomfortable, inadequate or tiny or if you fear being evaluated by others.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” — Carl Jung

Take your unconscious self seriously and start taking control of your mental health.

Prepare yourself to design your surroundings rather than being its victim.

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people

And as a result, gaining love, acceptance, humility, and compassion.

The trouble is:

“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge” — Carl Jung


“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

The good news is that we can always choose to either be who we really are or not. To choose love or fear, to put it another way. In the end, our whole reality is determined by the decisions we make.

The total recognition of everything — the beautiful, the terrible, and the ugly, the light and the dark, the death and the rebirth — is what is meant by the term “wholeness.” They combine to form the totality.

It is therefore easier to let go of trying to be flawless and simply accept that we are imperfect human beings.

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