Skill Sets and Knowledge to get to your DREAM JOB

Test your skills for workplace success:
1. The retailer paid Rs 1800 for a shirt and the mark up for this item is 30 percent. What is the retail price of the shirt?
Correct Answer: 2340
2. Determining the purpose of communication is the first step in ______ a document.
Correct Answer: Composing
3. To enter information in a way that can be queried to produce tables and summarize data, use ______ software.
Correct Answer: Database
4. The series of steps for solving a problem are; read the problem, choose a process, carry out the calculations, and
Correct Answer: Check the results
5. An employee shows the ability to work independently in the job environment when they
Correct Answer: Exhibit self-direction in completing assignments
6. Neha leads a team of 15 sales professionals. When Ritika, the lowest-performing team member accuses Priya, a top performer, of incorrect ethical behavior, Neha should begin to solve the problem by
Correct Answer: Opening a dialogue with Ritika and Payal
7. ____ should have the ability to develop a vision to see patterns into the future.
Correct Answer: Leaders
8. The root of Design Thinking is:
Correct Answer: Empathy


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