Making Thinking
Visible Workshop

Try asking your students -

What is thinking?
When you are thinking, what is going on in your head?

Students don’t have much knowledge of what facilitates their thinking.

They are unaware how to think correctly and what are its advantages.

Do you as an educator wonder whether the students are thinking in the correct direction and which are the areas they have not completely understood?

Are the students aware of the thinking of the teachers –
what is it they are trying to convey and why?

There is a great need to make thinking – both our own as educators as well as that of the students – visible.

Who Is
At The Centre ?

Current Approach
Of Teaching

The TEACHER is at the centre

  • Teaching is viewed as how well a teacher knows the subject and is aware of strategies to deliver the content.
  • Learning is a passive taking in of information.

A New Approach
Of Teaching

The STUDENT is at the centre

  • Students truly understand something they must actively engage in while thinking and making sense.
  • Teachers think about how well they foster students’ engagement with ideas.
  • Teachers identify the core concepts and ideas they want their students to engage with, explore, and question so that they develop a deeper understanding.

Role Of

Teachers must see their role as creating opportunities for student thinking to occur.

Teachers must also have a window into that thinking:
-what do students understand and how are they understanding it?

This is what “making thinking visible” means.

It is only once they have this information that teachers can help students move to the next level in their thinking.

Benefits To
The Students

  • Guiding students to become more actively aware of thinking processes, will not only improve their understanding, but it will help them to become more independent and engaged learners.
  • As students engage in visible thinking strategies, they are more aware of their learning, which also contributes to improved metacognition.
  • Students are able to organize their thinking and retain information for a longer time and at a deeper level.

What Will We
Cover In The Workshop?

What is

Why is
it important?

Various routines
to help make someone’s thinking visible.

How does it lead
to teaching and learning with understanding?

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Meet The Esteemed Faculty

Dr. Amrita Dass

Educationist & Career Consultant
Founder - Director,
Institute for Career Studies

Dr Amrita Dass is a leading Educationist and Career-Consultant and has the distinction of pioneering career counselling and guidance services in India. She serves on the boards of many prestigious public schools of India (Auckland House, Shimla; Bishop Cotton School,Shimla; Nirmal Bhartia School, New Delhi; and Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie). 

She has been an advisor to SIDBI, Member – Steering Committee on Women and Child Development, Planning Commission (9th Five-Year Plan), ex-officio director of SBI, and has participated in many UN and other international conferences. She was recently appointed as Member, Steering Committee for the implementation of NEP 2020, by the Government of UP. 

Dr Dass' professional and philanthropic work have won her many awards, including the TCS-Woman Achiever of the Year Award, and Outstanding Woman Achiever Award by the Lucknow Management Association (LMA). Her biography has been included in the Who’s Who in the World 2015 (32nd Ed.) for exemplary contribution in the fields of Education and Career Guidance. 

Recently, Dr Dass was also featured on the cover page of the CEO Insights magazineas a ‘Trailblazer guiding the Nation towards an Enlightened Destiny’.

Mrs. Shalini Sinha

Educational Consultant
Founder - Director,
Conscious Education
(Teacher Trainer for CBSE)

Mrs. Shalini Sinha is a well-known educationist with over 30 years of experience. She has served as Principal, Study Hall School; Vice-principal, Seth M.R. Jaipuria School; and teacher of English and History in the CBSE, ISC and IB Boards.

At present, she is the Founder-Director of ‘Conscious Education’ – dedicated to training teachers and developing curricula based on Marzano’s and Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Mrs. Sinha has been conducting teachers’ training workshops in ‘Democratic Citizenship Education’ as well as other areas of education. She also provides support to schools in creating in-house learning spaces.

About ICS – ACE

The ICS Academic Centre for Educators (ICS- ACE) is recognized as a leading entity in designing and delivering transformational training programmes and conclaves for educators.ICS-ACE has conducted impactful training sessions for over 10,000 teachers as well as 1,000 Principals in India and abroad.

ICS-ACE programmes are highly customized with interactive delivery and incorporate experiential learning.

The programmes are designed to promote the 4 pillars of education –
-Learning to know
-Learning to do
-Learning to live together
-Learning to be
and ‘focus on forming rather than merely informing the mind’.

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