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* We publish knowledge articles by leading career counsellors, educationists and professionals with deep experience in helping youngsters lead happy and successful lives.

* We also bring out daily curated content on education and career trends, scholarships, internships, job opportunities and various motivational subjects.

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7 reasons why career counselling is your surest
route to professional success!

Fine-tunes choices with ‘RIGHT COURSE-RIGHT CAMPUS-RIGHT CAREER’ fit

Provides EXPERT GUIDANCE instead of well-wishers’ well-meant but often flawed suggestions

Gets you the much-needed PARENTAL SUPPORT

Helps you NAVIGATE CAREERS in these challenging times

Finds holistic solutions to problems such as a FINANCIAL CRUNCH

It’s Okay to be Confused about your Career Choice

Decoding and Cracking the IIT-JEE

Success in Board Exams: Hone your exam skills with these tips

Space careers will see enormous growth & opportunities

Cyber Safety careers are among the most sought-after today

Big Data Engineering vs AI Engineering – which career is better?

India’s SaaS Firms may be worth $1 Trillion by 2030

Building a Career in AR, VR and MR technologies

Human Rights & Gender Studies will always be relevant in our unequal world

Human Rights activist:·

Document human rights violations·
Publicise the violations on a wide scale·      
Press the authorities concerned to stop the violations·      
Publicise the work of activists through media

Gender Studies & Activism aim at:·      

Examining the diversity of gender-based experiences·
Correcting misconceptions about different genders·   Highlighting the problems of marginalised genders in society· Devising appropriate strategies for change

NEP 2020: A Giant Leap for Education

Joyful learning with understanding

No subject stream silos

Equal weightage to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular

Reforms in assessment system

Transforming teacher training

Revolutionising higher education

Best First Jobs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Way Ahead for Hospitality Students

Solving Problems through Design: Put your creativity to work!

Career in Statistics: Make Data work for you in Today’s Digital Age

We are Global

Benefited 450,000+ students in 1,000+
educational institutions across the world.

ICS conducts regular career guidance programmes across
India, South and South-East Asia, and the Middle East.

Head office: Lucknow, India
6, Faizabad Road, Adjacent to I.T. College, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226007
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