25 Infinite Spiritual Perspectives

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Within the smallest step can be the greatest invitation for your reality to change.

Embarking on a journey of spiritual exploration is like delving into a vast and boundless ocean, where every wave carries a unique perspective waiting to be uncovered. In the realm of the infinite, spirituality is not confined to rigid doctrines but flourishes in the expansiveness of individual experiences and realisations.

Here, we unravel 25 profound spiritual perspectives that beckon you to traverse the depths of your consciousness and embrace the boundless possibilities that lie within.

1. Opening Yourself to the Infinite Creation:

Opening yourself is extending the possibility of what you can be. It is opening yourself to be more. This is how we create. We do not create “things” — we create by extending what we know ourselves to be.

2. The Power of Small Steps:

Within the smallest step can be the greatest invitation for your reality to change. Whatever you want to create, take a small step towards it today. It does not matter how small this step is, for it is to say, “I am ready for this to begin. I am ready to step towards making this desire a reality.” Take this small step, knowing it to be the opening of a new adventure in the expansion and freedom of your consciousness.

3. Freedom in Inconsistency:

Discover the freedom of not conforming to a pattern. Surprise yourself. Discover the surprise in yourself. Allow yourself to be surprised. The comfort zone of your self-chosen definition is limiting. Being something different every day will tell you more about who you essentially are than repeatedly being the same person.

4. The Painter and the Perceiver:

Though a painter creates a painting, they do not create your experience of that painting. Each person who views a painting has their own unique experience. Your experience is your creation. Every experience reflects you because you are the origin of its creation. Reality and you are reflections of each other, but YOU are the creative choice/source.

5. Transformative Acceptance:

Accept to transform. Transform yourself through the acceptance of yourself. Transform others through your acceptance of them. Transform your world through your acceptance and honouring of all it contains. There is nothing that does not seek validation through acceptance. Know that the foundation of acceptance is love. All seek love.

6. The Personal Ideal of Authenticity:

The idea that there is one transcendental truth (“The Truth”) leads to the idea there is also one transcendent state that is seen as being “the ideal”. This leads to the creation of rules that preach uniformity, rules that seek to suppress diversity and individuality. If you insist on thinking in terms of an ideal, then understand it to be the personal ideal of allowing yourself to be completely and utterly yourself. This is to become the version of yourself that expresses who you are without fear.

7. The Power of True Appreciation:

Appreciation is only beneficial when it is truly felt. Appreciative words alone are not appreciation. To appreciate who you are, what you have, and the current state of your reality is to stand within a blossoming, abundant perspective on your reality. The power of appreciating your life is the deepening of joy already present within your reality and further choosing it as your preferred way of being.

8. Creation Born of Love:

The love within your dream for this life is you, your reality, your experience. That love and passion to create everything. All you see that you cannot believe was created with love reflects a way in which you are caught in the illusion you are not love. Allow yourself to see the love you are, and you will see that all reality is made with love.

9. Embracing Change:

Change is the only constant. Change is constantly flowing through you. There is nothing in this world you need to hold on to. Whatever you create, let it go to be as it is; you don’t need it. Embrace change because you are on a journey of change. You birthed to change. You are a vessel of change. Everything changes. Every experience, whether felt as good or bad, passes. You are an embodiment of change. Love change to further love yourself.

10. The Paradox of Choice:

We are each free in the scope of our creation and can therefore choose to create limitations. Our choice is so powerful that we can choose to have no choice. We can choose to experience the present moment as being caught up in our minds. What we fear is simply that which we have not yet chosen to fully know. Like all things, fear is but the expression of our choice to experience.

11. Embracing Feelings Without Judgment:

Full awareness can only arise when you have let go of judgment; this includes judgment of what you may label as “negative” feelings. None of your feelings require your judgment. No feeling is wrong. Simply allow yourself to feel it in order to hear and integrate its message. Do not judge what you feel, and you will experience the joy of becoming fully feeling.

12. The Choice of Love and Joy:

Being in this world is an amazing choice you are making. Love and joy are as available to you as fear and suffering. Your experience unfolds from your choices. As long as you believe it is right for you to feel guilty or shameful, you will keep your dream at bay. Unfold the joy you are. Joy is not something you must deserve. Love and joy are what you are.

13. Finding Center in the Storm:

Whenever your day becomes overwhelming, or events feel like they are going wrong, STOP and feel your center. Feel yourself to be the calm eye of the storm. Take time to consciously connect with your spirit, for within that experience is the remembrance of the feeling of trust for the flow of your life. This exists beneath any surface drama — even though it may not look like it at first. Know, with all your heart, this flow is carrying you to exactly where you want to be.

14. Discovering Your Element:

Let go of the mind and ask your heart… “When am I most in my element?” Let the answer arise from deep within you. Let the answer surprise you. What is it to be in your element? What is your element? What is your nature? Where is your home within feeling? Name it, feel it, call it to you, be it, allow it, choose it, radiate it. Choose to BE in your element.

15. Conscious Choice of Experience:

You are that which is calling forward the flow that is your life. You are the choice to be this experience. The experience is the choice — not the result of choice. To realise this is to unify with your choice of experience such that you become conscious of your choice to be flowing exactly as you are.

16. Fear as a Gateway to Freedom:

Fear is beauteous. It is a strength of feeling experienced in a moment of potential to open. It is the light of change — the ending of a cycle. If you choose to step through it, fear is the face of ever-expanding freedom. Step through your fear of being all you can be.

17. Embracing Change:

To embrace the flow of life is to embrace change and the realisation of “I AM” as the only constant. Everything changes. Every experience — whether it is felt as good or bad — passes. You are an embodiment of change. Love change to further love yourself.

18. Feeling as Creation:

After death, when you remember and reflect on this life, you will discover it has all been about how you have felt. You are the creators of feeling, and what you feel in this world is miraculous. Now this day, while you are still alive, awaken this feeling of who you are in a deeper way than ever before. It is the face of your dream. It is the face of your creation. Your feeling is creation itself.

19. Joy as the Antidote to Suffering:

Do not fear that there is something selfish in seeking your joy because you see suffering in the world around you. Realise the ending of suffering comes from the living of joy. As you come to live in joy you will radiate that joy and, in doing so, aid others in finding their own.

20. Loving the Unlovable:

Embrace all that is yet to be loved. What you see as unlovable in yourself is not unlovable. It is only the story you tell yourself about it that you are calling unlovable. Whatever you are finding hard to love is not the thing itself; it is your definition of it. To see it with clarity is to see it with love, and that is to see it from a state of complete allowance and acceptance. To love yourself is to see through your perceptions of all that you see as unlovable.

21. Welcoming Your Dreams:

Be the version of yourself that welcomes the experiences you desire. Transform your dreams into lovers, understanding that you are the dream of your dreams, creating a powerful point of attraction.

22. Infinite Potential:

Realise the full potential of who you are by understanding that you are both the All and the Nothing. You are an embodiment of freedom, capable of choosing from infinite possibilities.

23. Perception as a Choice:

Understand that perception is a choice, not a reaction. Dissolve problematic energies by shifting your focus and ceasing to label situations as problems to solve.

24. The Pressure to Succeed:

Release the pressure to succeed by recognising your inherent success. Feel successful, unshackling yourself from predefined ideas of success.

25. Igniting New Potentials:

Energetically step outside your daily routine and ignite the flame within. Harness the gift of new potential, a new reality, and a fresh choice of who you will be each day.

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