6 Types of Business Analytics Jobs

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Education & Career Trends: November 24
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Business analytics graduates may work in a variety of industries, including with consulting agencies, technology companies, research firms or in the public sector.

  • Excerpts are taken from an article published on analyticsinsight.net.

Business Analytics is one of the most important aspects of a successful organisation. Businesses hold a large chunk of data that needs to be made sense of. Business analytics helps businesses in making sense of the data that helps in effective decision-making.

It allows the organisation to understand their customers better and make predictions on growth and market trends. This serves a massive benefit to the business. Additionally, it helps the company to stay ahead of its competitors. 

A business analytics degree prepares you to analyse and interpret data. This is a highly desirable skill that can provide value to businesses in a variety of industries.

Business analytics graduates may work in a variety of industries, including with consulting agencies, technology companies, research firms or in the public sector. Some students may choose to continue their education after completing a business analytics degree and pursuing an MBA, whereas others may choose to find employment with an undergraduate degree.

Learning about the career options with this degree can help you choose one that best fits your career goals.

1. Data Warehouse Architect
  • A data warehouse architect is in charge of creating, managing, and executing data warehouse techniques and strategies.
  • These include choosing tools and setting scopes for projects, as well as requirements to meet data needs.
  • They also are often in charge of implementing assorted strategies and solutions within diverse teams to map this data before constructing a data warehouse.
2. Senior Database Developer
  • A senior developer may be in charge of either software or a database.
  • In the case of a database, the senior developer creates, manages, and codes large databases and their features.
  • They are required to support the application of business intelligence and marketing automation, and also educate the development team on how a database is structured.
3. Intelligence Analyst
  • An intelligence analyst usually works for a government agency, as well as companies that work with the government, to provide critical information about security threats.
  • Strong research, computer, and report-writing skills are usually needed to perform searches.
4. Business Analytics Translator
  • Business analytics translators fill the gap between an organisation’s business team and the technology team.
  • Business analytics translators work to ensure the focus stays on the organisation’s values and objectives but are data-savvy enough to understand and liaise with those in the data science team.
5. Analyst Manager
  • An analytics manager oversees all the business operations and assigns duties to the respective team leaders based on needs and qualifications. 
  • Analytics managers are typically well-versed in technologies like SAS, R, and SQL.
6. Data Business Analyst
  • While data scientists are primarily concerned with generating actionable information in the form of data, a data business analyst uses that information to generate insights about the business.
  • A data business analyst is knowledgeable about the technical components related to managing and manipulating data but is also active in utilising data to solve a company’s problems.

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