7 Lucrative Career Options In The Publishing Industry

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Education & Career Trends: February 26, 2023

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There are numerous options to land a career in the creative business.

  • Excerpts are taken from an article published on makeuseof.com

Have reading and/or studying your favourite literature always been your passions? Being a member of the publishing industry allows you to spend your days surrounded by books and travel with writers who are eager to get their works published.

There are numerous options to land a career in a profession you love, whether you’re a creative writing student or a recent graduate looking for work in the creative business.

1. Publishing Specialist

  • No matter how much material a company needs, a publishing professional is always required.
  • This individual plays a significant part in ensuring that all articles and other content are properly published on the organisation’s content management system.
  • Proofreading, document management, and content verification are all part of this function.
  • For instance, if a business utilises Wix, its content must be published in accordance with the platform’s design requirements, including being typeset, formatted, and modified in accordance with the company’s standards.

2. Content Developer

  • Can you come up with concepts easily?
  • A content developer is in charge of the plans behind the content instead of the article writers.
  • You would participate in marketing initiatives, work to boost engagement, and schedule or prepare content for a business.
  • Choose subjects based on the most recent news in technology, for instance.
  • Consider this position if you’re a creative thinker and believe you have what it takes to advance a brand and provide them with a competitive advantage.

3. Copywriter

  • Are you good at persuasive writing?
  • Copywriters are more in demand than ever, and this profession enables you to assist firms in selling their goods and services.
  • This is an excellent field since there are many different things you can accomplish in it.
  • You can work as a technical writer if you’re interested in more technical topics like producing manuals.
  • There are several alternatives, including public relations, brand copywriting, direct response copywriting, and marketing copywriting.

4. Content Writer

  • Content writing is very different from copywriting, as it isn’t being written from a sales standpoint.
  • Writing articles on interesting products to help companies sell their goods or services would be your responsibility as a content writer.
  • Writing blog entries on smartphones, for instance, might assist a tech business in selling their phones. The objective is to demonstrate that the business has the necessary writing skills.

5. Communications Coordinator

  • If public relations spark your interest, a communications coordinator may be for you.
  • This position functions as an all-arounder in which you are responsible for transferring information from one business to another.
  • You can be responsible for interacting with previous or current customers, negotiating contracts, securing collaborations, planning marketing campaigns, or starting a company’s social media account.
  • This position always changes, therefore it’s ideal if you enjoy variety in your work and have responsibility for significant messages.

6. Fiction Editor

  • You might examine and evaluate fiction submissions as part of your day job as a non-fiction editor.
  • You’ll be spending time offering authors who want their works published honest comments while also analysing the storyline, flow, structure, readability, and language.
  • Depending on your preferences, you can work in non-fiction editing or literary editing in addition to fiction.
  • You might decide to work as an editor for a magazine, newspaper, or online publication with a heavy emphasis on reviews and literary analysis as opposed to a publishing business.

7. Associate Publisher

  • You want to get a taste of the publishing industry and you’re well-organised.
  • Are you looking for an entry-level position?
  • In a publishing company, an associate publisher works with other publishers to handle the day-to-day operations of a magazine, newspaper, book publisher, or website.
  • It’s an interesting job with many opportunities to diversify since you may be helping the publisher with the following blockbuster.

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