7 Reasons Why USA is an Ideal Study Abroad Destination

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Education & Career Trends: May 10, 2023
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The United States is home to half of the world’s Top Universities.

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If you are planning to study abroad, the United States is one of the best destinations. Every student has their own set of motives and reasons for deciding to study in the U.S., many of which are related to the numerous advantages and benefits that international students can experience while living and pursuing their education in the United States.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the United States is home to half of the world’s Top Universities. Universities in the U.S. provide top-ranked academic opportunities across all fields, from undergraduate courses to PhD-level programmes. There are more than 5,000 higher education institutions to select from in the U.S. Every university is different and has something distinctive to offer, from top-notch academics to international-friendly opportunities.

Here are some reasons that make studying in the U.S. an ideal choice:

1. It is the home to some of the best universities

The USA is home to approximately 5000 institutions, the majority of which are rated among the top in the world according to the Global University Rankings. Yale University, Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University are a few examples.

2. The degrees are recognised globally

Completing your education from esteemed universities opens a huge array of career opportunities. You will discover how beneficial it is if you decide to pursue a degree in the future.

3. A wide scope of career opportunities

A degree from the United States will help you land a better position in your career field. You also have the choice to do internships to obtain a certificate of experience that will be valued both domestically and internationally.

4. Flexible education system

The USA provides a more flexible opportunity for education. If you are doing your Bachelor’s, you need to decide on the subject for your Master’s only in your second year. There is no pressure to choose it in the first year itself.

5. A cheerful campus life

Many top colleges and universities have students from all different countries, so you can count on a diverse and rich campus life. This will enhance your campus experience and give you a better understanding of life from different perspectives. 

6. Exclusive support for international students

The universities in the USA provide support in various forms exclusively for international students. The language workshops, orientation programs etc., will make it easier for the students.

7. Networking opportunity

Professors in the US are more open to discussion and debate. This will help you get valuable advice as well. The conduction of career workshops and counselling sessions will help you get a better chance of employability. According to the QS World Employability Rankings 2020, the universities in the USA rank most in terms of employability.

What are the types of intakes available in the U.S.?

January IntakeSeptember Intake
Also Known AsSpring IntakeFall Intake
Type of IntakeSecondary IntakePrimary Intake
Acceptance RateA higher acceptance rate since there is a lesser flow of applicationsThis is highly competitive given the fact that this period has the maximum number of applications
Financial Aid/Scholarships AvailabilityAvailableAvailable

Which are the Top Universities in the U.S.?

Harvard University: The top-ranked university in the world according to the Global Universities Rankings. The top-ranked areas include Cell Biology, Oncology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Optics, and Biology and Biochemistry.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Among the top colleges in the USA is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is recognised as one of the Best Global Universities and occupies the second spot in the Global Universities Rankings. Additionally, it has top rankings for various fields, including physics, cell biology, biology, and biochemistry.

Stanford University: Stanford University is well-known all over the world and currently holds number three in the Global Universities Rankings. It also has subject rankings for areas like chemistry, material science, math, computer science, ecology/environment.

University of California, Berkeley: More than 70 per cent of students here pursue their Undergraduate degrees, divided into 14 schools and colleges. It provides more than 350 courses and is ranked fourth in the world, top disciplines include chemistry, economics and business, space science, physics, and others.

Columbia University: Columbia University is a private university and is ranked sixth. It has top rankings for fields such as psychiatry and psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, the heart and cardiovascular system, economics and business, etc.

University of Washington: More than 370 graduate-level programmes are available at the University of Washington. It is placed 7 on the list of the Best Global Universities and excels in fields including Clinical Medicine, Microbiology, Immunology, geosciences, social sciences and public health.

California Institute of Technology: California Institute of Technology, ranked 9th in Best Global Universities, has six academic divisions. The best thing about them is that they provide guaranteed housing for all first-year students, both undergraduate and postgraduate. Geosciences, Earth Science, Optics, Physics etc., are the most-ranked subjects there.

Johns Hopkins University: This private university has campuses in Baltimore and Columbia. The John Hopkins University, tied with the California Institute of Technology, ranks 9th in Best Global Universities. Surgery, Immunology, Clinical Medicine, Infectious Diseases etc., are the most ranked courses there.

Yale University: Yale University has around 20% of its population as international students. It has several research centres and institutes. Arts and Humanities, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Psychology/Psychiatry, Optics, Oncology etc., are some of the best-ranked subjects there.

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