7 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal With Life Changes

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Education & Career Trends: May 22, 2024
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Resilience is defined as the ability to “bounce back” from adversity and stressful life events.

Major changes are a part of life. There are times or even years when things may be quiet or consistent, then suddenly major changes happen. They can be expected or planned changes like a new job or unexpected changes that come out of nowhere. They can shake up even the strongest people. As change is inevitable in life, there are things mentally strong people do to navigate changes. These skills and attitudes help build resilience and can help make difficult processes, easier.

Resilience is defined as the ability to “bounce back” from adversity and stressful life events. Researchers have found that building resilience includes appropriate coping strategies, such as optimism and the ability to problem-solve while managing overwhelming emotions. Additionally, research supports the idea that resilience factors can promote well-being and reduce the risk of mental health issues such as long-term post-traumatic stress, anxiety, or depression. Therefore, knowing these techniques may help you navigate major changes with more ease.

7 Ways Mentally Strong People Navigate Life Changes

1. Acceptance and time

They accept (and do not resist) that life is full of chapters that end and begin. Also, they know that time is of the essence: there is a time-limited frame for upheaval and discomfort. Nothing lasts forever, and things will settle, and pass with time.

2. They plan where they can

They begin making small changes or breaking up very large tasks into bite-size, manageable increments. They may establish daily rituals toward their goals to make it easier. Also, they may continue their daily rituals during the process such as exercise, meditation, devotional activities, etc., that help with their inner equilibrium and peace while dealing with external chaos.

3. They encourage a flexible mindset

Mentally strong people approach problems and change with flexibility. They try to accept them rather than resist them. Changing the way you look at the “shift happening” with new ways of thinking such as “I accept this change for the better” or “what you resist, persists” or “this change is meant to be and all is well” can help shift to a flexible mindset.

4. They promote a resilient attitude

They remember the times they bounced back from “bad” times or times of great adversity in their life. Therefore, ask yourself things like: how did that turn out? What were the benefits of that period of change? Am I better off for it? And most importantly, what did I learn and gain from the experience? All reflective questions can help promote resilience.

5. They lean on the support

Mentally strong people know how to reach out and be resourceful. This includes the valuable resource of social support. Talking with trusted friends, and family, or even journaling about it has cathartic benefits. Sharing and processing your feelings provides an outlet to discharge them and keep going.

6. They are perseverant and tenacious

They know that upheaval and discomfort are a part of the process of change. Mentally strong people normalise and accept this and summon their tenacity and perseverance. They know these times will pass and are determined and persistent in facing obstacles or setbacks. This “grit” helps with their long-term success in all areas of their life.

7. They lean on their optimism

They use optimistic frameworks. For example, they look at their self-efficacy, and their confidence to achieve tasks based on history. Reflective questions such as: when have I been successful in my life after a major change? What good things did the change bring? How strong am I that I was able to get through (insert x) experience, which may have been harder than this? Also, they may look at the good things this change will bring and promote optimism through the consistent use of a gratitude practice (What was the blessing in disguise?). Mentally strong people tap into their optimistic attitudes by changing what they think, and focusing on what they are grateful for.

Changes can be hard. Life always throws us curveballs. But, in time, we can not only grow and get stronger and more resilient, but we can also choose to see the silver linings.

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