Career Trends: 10 Ways to Increase Your Influence in a Highly Positive Manner

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Edition: March 8, 2022
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Exerting positive influence gives a boost to overall productivity, efficiency and maintains healthy relations. (Image Credit: Canva)

Excerpts from article by Bruce Kasanoff, published on

The concept of influence is very different from being an “influencer”. If you are an entrepreneur, influence means exerting a positive effect on other people’s goals, actions and mindsets.

It means improving the experiences of co-workers, customers, friends and family members.

Here are 10 proven ways to increase that kind of influence:

1. Serve, don’t sell.

  • Successful entrepreneurs/professionals serve rather than sell.
  • Each time you interact with someone, your intention should be to help them, even if they do not ‘buy’ your offering.
  • This approach, if practised consistently, produces much better results than any short-term transactional tactic.

2. Share one message at a time

  • It is advised not to try and get people to do two different things simultaneously.
  • Multiple message and action prompts can confuse your audience.
  • Instead, pick the one message that matters the most to you today ― as a leader, employee, entrepreneur ― and stick with it.
  • You’re more likely to receive a positive response this way.

3. Do not brag.

  • It may be tempting to bring up your accomplishments and achievements in conversations. But it can make you appear too full of yourself.
  • It is better if a close friend or colleague shares the news of your achievements.
  • Vaunting about one’s achievements makes it harder for others to relate to you.

4. Ask great questions.

  • Along with sharing your wisdom, incorporate listening to others carefully to facilitate effective communication.
  • Pose one or more questions that will help them solve their own problems.

5. Be human, not perfect.

  • Being vocal about the setbacks faced makes one more relatable.
  • Share your own disappointments as well as your achievements.

6. Lead with a hook.

  • People are often busy.
  • Before you can add value to their life, it is necessary to capture their attention.
  • While meeting new people, always start with a hook that motivates others to engage with you.

7. Give away good ideas.

  • Every time you come across a good idea, start thinking about how you can share it in a manner that benefits others.

8. Promote others.

  • For others to be prepared to help you share your good news, actively help them do the same.
  • Never miss an opportunity to boost the people you trust, respect and like.

9. Expand your expertise sectors.

  • Entrepreneurs find success by developing expertise in a specific area.
  • However, it is to note that the world is constantly changing.
  • If you rest on your laurels too long, you may risk losing your influence.
  • Adopt a growth mindset and find ways to become an expert in adjacent areas.

10. Be clear and truthful. 

  • It is good to keep things simple and honest.
  • Avoid being indecisive about things and be a person of your word.

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