Career Trends: 3 Mindset Hacks for Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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Edition: January 1st, 2022
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Entrepreneur is not a position or title awarded by an organisation. Entrepreneurship is a mindset. The one area in which the COVID-19 pandemic added immense value is promoting entrepreneurship. Disrupting lives and businesses in unprecedented ways, it taught us rich lessons in self-reliance and innovation – the key ingredients of entrepreneurship.

The one thing that can help you take the lead in your life, and not let circumstances dictate your situation, is providing products and services that add value to people’s lives. 

However, a successful entrepreneurial journey needs a special mindset. Here are some mindset hacks to succeed as an entrepreneur:

1. Centre yourself for success

  • Fear is a limiting belief. It stops us from creating.
  • When we are functioning in fear our main instinct is survival, not creation.
  • While it can be a challenge not to feel anxious or afraid, the more we let fear dictate our lives, the more we drift from our purpose. 
  • To centre oneself in mind, body and spirit is a revolution against a system that instills fear and curbs creative headspace.
  • Part of centering is to understand that the subconscious mind creates our life.
  • Many things add to the subconscious, but it is essential to stay in touch with one’s mind by asking questions that challenge our beliefs. 
  • We often work antithetical to our goals or ignore actions that will take us further.
  • In these instances, asking oneself about the root cause of our worry and limiting beliefs will help us defeat them. It will also encourage us to stay agile and perform at high levels. 

2. Live with ‘aliveness’

  • This is how the subconscious mind works, so asking questions and keeping your curiosity alive is a great practice to encourage a creative mindset.
  • The recent pandemic has also created a boom in start-ups.
  • With several layoffs, and some even quitting their 9-to-5 jobs in search of a better quality of life, many have been driven toward a purpose-driven entrepreneurial career. 
  • Entrepreneurship gives one control of life – away from a system that does not care for individual growth or purpose.
  • It provides an opportunity to embrace and live with ‘aliveness’, with mind, body and soul aligned towards one purpose.
  • So long as you are not operating from fear and functioning to create, innovate and challenge, you will be in charge of your destiny. The rising number of entrepreneurs reveals this. 

3. Follow your purpose

  • When one is ready to let go of the fear and actively create one’s destiny, aligning the subconscious with the pursuit of life-changing entrepreneurship, certain steps are beneficial. These are:
  1. Define your purpose. Often, in our drive to deliver results to someone else’s business, we can lose sight of our dreams and visions. So think about why you do what you do and define your purpose in life.
  2. Understand your values. Your values make you the unique person you are. Your values drive your purpose, so embody your values and show up with them every day. 
  3. Create a mission statement. Think about your purpose, the values required to drive it and how you can get there. Your company’s mission statement will help to make your day-to-day decisions more manageable. It will help you to assess your preferences so that the choices you make today will get you closer to your purpose. 
  • Grounding yourself to your purpose, values, and mission can help you to forge the path to your entrepreneurial destiny. 


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