Career Trends: Top 5 Growing Career Fields of 2022

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Edition: November 20th, 2021
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When it comes to the future, uncertainty is the only certainty. Think about remote work. Way back in 2019, it was slowly gaining acceptance even as most managers resisted. In 2020, companies and their employees were forced to adapt.

Today many workers have traded long commutes for casual strolls to their home office. For companies hoping to attract top talent, remote work is now an enticing benefit, and non-negotiable for many. 

Predicting which careers will flourish in our post-COVID world isn’t easy. Still there are some definite trends.

If you are considering a job change, here are 5 growing fields predicted to see a boom in the years ahead:

1. Healthcare

  • The COVID-19 pandemic had an outsised impact on healthcare workers. Some caught the virus, many became ill or even lost their lives.  
  • After enduring a months-long onslaught of patients, studies suggest over one-third are thinking about leaving the profession. 
  • Although there has been a shortage of skilled nurses for years, the pandemic made it even worse. That’s one reason healthcare is a top field of the future. There will be a need for at least 500,000 more Registered Nurses by 2027. 
  • If you love travel, becoming a travel nurse can mean earning a six-figure income along with signing bonuses.
  • In fact, there’s a range of healthcare jobs that offer travel opportunities. 

2. Information Technology

  • There has been an increased focus on remote work, and smartphone development has increased the demand for software and app developers. 
  • Although this field has traditionally required a bachelor’s of science degree, companies are now recruiting people who learned to code online. 
  • So if you’re thinking about a career change and are tech orientated, you may want to consider taking some coding classes. 

3. Supply Chain Management

  • You probably aren’t surprised to find that this is a growth field. 
  • The panic buying that began before last year’s lockdowns upended the just-in-time delivery methods that so  many retailers had long relied on. 
  • Jobs in this field include Purchasing Agent, Logistics Analyst, and Distribution Manager. 
  • Although many start out with a bachelor’s degree, top earners have graduate degrees as well. 
  • Industrial engineers are also plentiful in this supply chain management. 
  • If you are skilled with math, statistics, and engineering principles and love making systems work more efficiently, this could be the right field for you.

4. Financial Management

  • Careers in this field are expected to grow by 15% over the next decade. 
  • Financial managers are hired to examine a company’s spending and income while looking for ways to maximise profitability. 
  • Fortune 500 companies often seek candidates with an MBA –– although smaller organisations hire financial managers with bachelor’s degrees too.
  • Management consultants enjoy similar high rates of growth and high median incomes. 

5. Actuarial Science, Data Science and Statistics 

  • Actuaries will enjoy an almost 20% growth rate by the end of the decade and a median income of six figures at least. 
  • If you enjoy data and statistics, this could be the perfect high-growth field. 
  • Most work for insurance companies, deciding whether or not to insure a potential customer. Being able to evaluate risk is an in-demand skill. 
  • Actuaries often have a degree in actuarial science and have passed a series of licensing exams. 
  • Statisticians fulfil a similar role for companies by analysing data and projecting future sales, profits, and obstacles to growth. 
  • Data Scientists, who help companies better utilise information, enjoy a projected 30% growth in employment by 2030.

Of course the best job for you may not be the highest paying, nor one with the fastest growth. The key is leveraging your skill set and achieving the best possible outcome.

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