Career Trends: Your Creativity is Your Most Valuable Skill

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Edition: August 10th, 2021
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Innovation has driven entrepreneurs throughout history – from Leonardo Da Vinci to Elon Musk. (Image Source:
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Reaching our maximum creative potential in our jobs or occupations is paramount to success and living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Several extensive surveys of companies across dozens of international industries found that creativity is the most sought-after skill and the hardest to find.

  • LinkedIn analysed the information in their network, searching for the most in-demand skills. The skill that was in highest demand was creativity.
  • The World Economic Forum called creativity “the one skill that will future-proof you for the job market.” 

But when employees and freelancers were asked if they are living up to their creative potential, only 25 per cent believed they were, and 40 per cent affirmed they didn’t have the tools or access to the tools they need to become creative.

There has never been a more crucial time to develop our creativity and our ability to innovate than now.

Each one of us has the potential to become creative and innovative. These two concepts have been hijacked by some in the world of technology, science and business for the past 30 years, but it is time to reclaim them for anyone who wants to benefit and turn their lives and businesses around.

Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship

  • What matters is not only how you come up with the ideas that allow you to build your business from scratch, but also how you continue to find and implement ideas to adjust and pivot from the constant changes that all business owners face. 
  • Many companies, business people, entrepreneurs and artists suffer from ‘impostor’s syndrome’ and think they will never be able to bring innovative solutions or create original and compelling work again.

The creative process is similar across domains

  • A recent study proves: creative processes are more or less the same across domains and disciplines.
  • This study was published in the journal Thinking, Skills and Creativity, conducted by three university professors from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and the University of South Australia.
  • While it is true that CEOs, engineers, and artists create very different kinds of work with very different intentions and outcomes, the process they use to get there is very similar. Those differences are actually pretty small.

Creativity isn’t available to just a handful of chosen ones!

One of the most important factors to foster a culture of creativity is acknowledging that it isn’t one unique concept available to a handful of chosen ones but is accessible and reachable to every one of us.

  • Creativity is an amalgamation of learnable skills, such as risk-taking and curiosity. It also requires ownership of ideas and authenticity.
  • When you retreat from expressing your “crazy” ideas because you fear judgment from your peers or higher-ups, or you are afraid of adverse market reactions, you are leaving behind a chance to let the world know your new invention, product, service, book, film or anything else that could bring so much value to society.
  • Most of the time, dozens of lucrative ideas are sitting right by your side, but you are unable to see them because you’ve been blinded by the impossibly high and largely fabricated standards of what being creative and innovative entails. 

Don’t let that happen to you. You too can learn to be the most creative you can be.

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