Education & Career Trends: 4 Skills Marketing Students Should Learn

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Edition: March 15, 2022
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Testing the marketing concepts you learn in class is a way to put words into action. (Image Credit: Canva)
  • Excerpts from article by Jeanette Chan-Rivera, published on Nevada Admissions Blog ( Chan-Rivera is Manger of Recruitment and Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Being open to learning new things enriches both your personal and professional life and inevitably strengthens your talents, says Jeanette Chan-Rivera. She has worked with high school and college students over the years as they carved out careers for themselves.

“Students often ask me what skills are important to bring to their first job,” she says.

Among other valuable tips, Chan-Rivera tells them: The marketing field has an array of professions that span data analytics, web, graphic design and content writing, to name a few.

Here are just four ways to develop your marketing abilities:

1. Learn to decode data to make informed decisions

  • Data helps people make informed decisions throughout companies, from human resources to advertisement. Data is integral.
  • Learn to locate data, separate good and bad data, and make informed decisions based on legitimate information. These are all important skills.
  • It is also a great place to start and mitigate risks, and estimate return on investments.

2. Become an avid reader to enhance your communication skills

  • Most jobs involve writing. Whether an email, report, article, text message, we are constantly communicating.
  • We often write in a manner similar to how we speak, our speech can be heavily influenced by what we read.
  • Reading is a powerful tool to build vocabulary and increase your writing ability. 
  • A well-built vocabulary can produce a more interesting, compelling or concise piece of work.

3. Develop different styles of writing to meet different demands

  • Writing differs by occasion.
  • Different styles of writing are used for static ads (social media images), short video Instagram ads, and longer YouTube ads.
  • Writing style also differs based on your audience or the product you’re selling.
  • Newspaper writing is separate from magazine writing, which can be different from catalogue writing.
  • As people receive information from various places, it is crucial to develop the agility to carve your writing style to meet the demands of those markets.

4. Understand the intricacies of design

  • Design is a field with a great deal of intricacy. 
  • Careers in marketing are constantly tied to design, whether it’s about creating an ad or hosting an event.
  • For instance, a powerful image with a simple phrase like “Just Do It” can communicate extensively.

Learn from experience as it is often the best teacher.  Testing the marketing concepts you learn in class is a way to put words into action. You can:

  • Plan a school event using marketing principles
  • Start a small business to make extra money
  • Create a social media account and build followers
  • Create designs and take a poll on which one is the most appealing

Putting yourself out there and giving it a try will give you valuable insight.

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