Education & Career Trends: Everyday Affirmations for a Better, Stronger and Happier You!

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Edition: November 29th, 2021
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Positive affirmations can give you the confidence to overcome obstacles and help you become a well-rounded individual. (Image Credit: Shutterstock)

A positive mindset is the key to success. Affirmations are empowering statements often linked to visualising goals. They provide a reminder of what you want to achieve, physically, mentally and spiritually. Affirmations help you to reprogram your brain—to remind yourself that you are already what you are striving to be. 

Research shows that people are feeling anxious, depressed and stressed now more than ever. These feelings can lead to negative self-talk, which will only make you feel worse and hinder your progress academically, professionally and personally.

This is especially true for students and young professionals as they navigate through the challenges of studies/work and their social lives.

Positive affirmations can help you start believing in yourself again. They can give you confidence to overcome obstacles and help you become a well-rounded individual.

Affirmations also attract good wishes. They are a great way to start your day and remain positive throughout. You can either write down your affirmations or read them out loud.

Here are 25 affirmations that you should practise daily:

1. I am Special

Each and every person is special and unique. Believe in yourself.

2. I am Beautiful and Strong

It’s not enough to simply know that you are beautiful and strong, you must also believe it. Affirmations are beneficial in building self-confidence and can put you in the right frame of mind for success. 

3. I Love and Accept Myself

Self-acceptance is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. The only person who can make you happy is YOU. Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward in life.  

4. I Believe in my Goals and Dreams

Whether it’s a big goal or just something small that you want to do, you need to believe in yourself. Affirmations will help you focus on your goal and keep your mindset on what you want to accomplish.

5. I am Enough

Nothing’s impossible. You can achieve anything and are capable of handling all the challenges that life throws your way. Stop doubting and start believing in yourself. 

6. My Life is full of Love and Happiness

Self-love. Self-appreciation. The idea of being worthy of love and happiness is powerful.

7. I am Evolving Every Day

Trust the process. You are growing and becoming a better person every day. We are evolving creatures. We change every day. We don’t always enjoy the process, but we must trust that it is happening and embrace it.

8. Money Comes to me Easily and Effortlessly

This is very important for professionals. Caught in the midst of comparisons with peers, we can lose our perspective. Practising this positive money mantra will help you attract more prosperity into your life.

9. I am Healthy and Energetic

It is no secret that the mind and body are interconnected. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body that does not easily get affected by disease or illness. This means that health is our real wealth.

10. I am Grateful

Be grateful for every small thing that comes into your life. Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.

11. I am Excited to Learn Something New Today

Everything that happens to you can be turned into a learning experience. Even if you experience something negative, turn it into a positive lesson learned.

12. I am Capable of Being a Great Student

This one is specifically for students. You know what it takes to be a great student. Show up, participate, study, practise, etc. All you need to do is implement those actions and reap the rewards.

13. My Ability to Learn is Improving Every Day

The more you practise learning, the more your mind will grow and absorb new information. Be open to various learning methods to enhance your abilities.

14. It is Okay to Ask for Help

Every college student and young professional can use help at one point or another. Some need academic tutoring, others may need mentoring or counselling. If you need help, look for the right resources in campus / office / home / professional expertise, etc., and let yourself get assisted.

15. I am Doing my Best

In every aspect of your college or work life, put forth your best effort. Remember, if you are trying to do your best, you are winning.

16. If I Fall, I Will Get Right Back Up

All students and young professionals will have good and bad days. It’s important that you don’t let the bad days keep you down. Getting right back up means you will not let anything get in your way of success.

17. I am Courageous

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Be brave and go for it. Some risks will lead to even greater success. Others will lead to lessons. Either way, you win.

18. I Respect Myself

Don’t put yourself in situations that may cause you to disrespect yourself. Make decisions that are in tune with your values, and make your feel good about yourself.

19. I am Where I Need to be Right Now

Sometimes you think you should be in a better place in life. You desire more, you envy what others have. Just because you don’t have it right now, doesn’t mean you won’t ever have it. Enjoy where you are and have the patience to wait for what is to come.

20. I Can Find Solutions to All My Problems

Every problem has a solution – sometimes multiple. You can access those solutions at any time. Just practise connecting with your inner self and you’ll get better at getting answers to all your questions and perceived problems.

21. I am Worthy of Forgiveness

All college students and young professionals make mistakes, some worse than others. Forgive yourself and move forward. You are worthy of forgiveness.

22. Being Different is Good

No, you don’t need to do what others are doing, behave like others are behaving. You don’t need to change who you are to ‘fit in’. Being ‘normal’ is not always the best thing. Showcase all your unique and great qualities, whether they make you fit in with the crowd or not.

23. I can Help Someone Else Today

Giving back and helping others feels good. Look for opportunities to help someone in need today.

24. I am Attracting Positive People in my Life

If you are positive, you will attract other positive people. Surrounding yourself with positive people can be rewarding.

25. I am Loved

You are loved by family and friends. You love yourself. You can seek loving relationships every day.

Remember to think positively. You have a big future ahead of you, and with a little practice, you will be able to positively contribute to it every day.

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