Freshers are in high demand in these 5 industries

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Career Trends: September 29, 2022
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Due to rapid technological development, the job market in India is flourishing significantly.

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After a two-year pandemic-inflicted job market, India is currently on a hiring spree. Due to the rapid technological development, the job market in India is flourishing significantly. In the era of digital marketing and technological development, multinational companies, private organisations, public sectors, and join sector organisations are introducing more workforce to improve their working structure.

With significant changes in the socio and economic structure, diversified jobs are flourishing in the job market.

Lots of new educational scopes and technical fields demand the students to adopt new skills. This technological advancement can help students find various job opportunities in the market.

For freshers, this comes as a relief as industries across the board are looking for young, talented and skilled professionals to fill their vacancies.

Here is a round-up of five industries that are hiring freshers at the moment:

1. Information and Technology (IT)

  • According to a Career Outlook Report by TeamLease EdTech, the IT Sector is leading this trend by showing over 65% intent of hiring freshers.
  • In fact, the IT sector is growing exponentially and is expected to hire about one lakh freshers to meet the rising demand.
  • This is due to the increased spending in the industry, increased exports (8-10% increase in FY 22-23), significant growth of the software product industry and the central government allocating a billion dollar budget for the same.

2. Education

  • The whole education industry had to quickly adapt to a digital-first model during the pandemic.
  • As per a report by RedSeer and Omidyar Network, India’s ed-tech market will touch more than 3 billion dollars by 2022.
  • With top firms rapidly expanding their operations, they are expected to hire thousands of employees to support the growth.
  • Most of the freshers in ed-tech startups will be in sales, marketing, content, design and technical domains.

3. Telecom

  • Another sector that is on a hiring spree currently is the telecom industry.
  • According to industry reports, telecom companies are expected to bolster the expansion of data centres pan India.
  • Additionally, there is an increased demand for job roles in 5G-centric technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing, which require the involvement of younger and fresher talent in the domain.

4. E-Commerce and Logistics

  • Logistics and e-commerce companies ramp up their hiring capacity to meet the demands especially during festive seasons.
  • The industry is currently looking to fill fresher positions in multiple profiles including operations, sales, marketing and servicing.

5. FinTech

  • The digitalisation of financial services along with a surging demand for e-lending has opened the doors for many FinTech firms in India.
  • This is one of the fastest growing and in-demand industries and is expected to generate highly skilled employment opportunities, especially for freshers.
  • Domains in fintech that are looking for young talent include data science, DevOps, blockchain and cybersecurity.

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