Getting into tech with a psychology degree!

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Career Trends: May 7, 2022
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Psychology training equips learners with many skills that can be useful in different technology industry job roles.

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The booming tech industry has room for employees of all backgrounds. Witnessing the incredible growth in this industry, you might be considering a career or industry change. 

If you are a psychology graduate looking to break into the tech world, you’re in luck. Psychology degrees help learners develop in-demand skills, allowing them to move between fields and positions.

Psychology training equips learners with skills they can apply to many fields, including the technology industry.

Graduates gain people skills useful to computer science careers, including: 

  • Communication 
  • Critical thinking
  • General analytical abilities
  • Leadership
  • Organisation 

Psychology students also graduate with applicable hard skills, including:

  • Statistical analysis 
  • Research skills
  • Familiarity with client management systems 
  • Knowledge of human behaviour 

Tech roles available to psychology graduates

Depending on the employer and the role, candidates may need particular training, skills, or experience. 

Information Security Analyst

  • Information security analysts handle the cybersecurity responsibilities for organisations and assess systems to look for vulnerabilities and upgrade opportunities.
  • They also monitor suspicious activity, study cybersecurity developments and trends, and prepare and implement recovery plans.
  • It requires people with good communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Creative people who are detail-oriented, understand how people think, and are technically capable with knowledge of business and security principles are a good match.

Data Scientist

  • Data scientists analyse information to gain insight into complex issues and solve problems.
  • They use database applications to collect, mine, and extract information.
  • Models, computer applications, and visualisation software help them present their findings.
  • To get into tech with a psychology degree, graduates may wish to also complete a data science bootcamp.
  • People with problem-solving skills who are detail oriented and critical thinkers with math and analytical skills are suitable for this role.

Non-tech roles available

There are various non-tech roles also in the technology industry. Psychology graduates may be a good fit for many of these. These roles require little to no programming, though mastering one or more of the easier languages could give you an edge.

Product Manager

  • Product managers oversee the product lifecycle, including planning, marketing, and rollout.
  • They perform product and market research to determine the consumer appetite and demand, cater the design and marketing to meet consumer needs, and manage the development and manufacturing. 
  • It requires analytical and creative professionals with critical thinking and organisational skills.

HR Manager

  • Human resources managers oversee employee relations, including staffing, compensation, and labour disputes.
  • They may ensure that the organisation follows labour laws and health and safety regulations.
  • Candidates typically possess leadership with strong communication and problem-solving skills. An HR master’s degree will also be advantageous.

Market Analyst

  • Market research analysts help organisations understand their markets and consumers.
  • They research market conditions, competition, and consumer behaviours to determine pricing, marketing campaigns, and product and service launch strategies.
  • They collect and analyse data, make forecasts, and prepare reports based on their findings. 
  • This role requires critical thinkers who are detail oriented and understand consumer economics.

UX Designer

  • UX designers focus on developing and maintaining user-facing applications and interfaces.
  • They create quality user experiences, improve accessibility, and ensure the human-computer interactions run smoothly.
  • Psychology graduates may need to complete UX bootcamps to access this field. 
  • Creative professionals who are detail-oriented and have strong customer service skills are a suitable fit.

Tips on getting into tech with psychology education

  • Get clear on the type of tech role you want
  • Be ready to upskill/reskill
  • Enhance the quality of your application and portfolio
  • Show your expertise, self-awareness and passion throughout the interview process.

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