Important Career Tips Graduating Students Should Know

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Career Trends: April 7, 2024

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Leaping into the working world as a young adult can be overwhelming but there are ways to leverage your skills and establish a solid professional foundation.

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Graduating from college is an exciting event to look forward to. Many students anticipate the variety of job opportunities to take on, which can help them build a lucrative career. However, leaping into the working world as a young adult can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you lack the proper tools to navigate the competitive job market.

Apart from college work and your campus-related social life, you also need to start thinking about building a career after graduation. Managing an internship, working on a volunteer opportunity, or building connections with peers and professors are all ways to leverage your skills and establish a solid professional foundation. From there you can smoothly enter the job field you dream of.

Regardless if you are a rising junior planning your next year of college or beyond, or a senior looking to get established post-graduation, everyone can use some advice when it comes to starting a career.

Here are five tips to help you get started:

1. Network before hanging up the cap and gown

  • A big mistake that many soon-to-be graduates make is waiting until the last minute to network effectively and establish connections with peers.
  • The last thing anyone wants to experience is a desperate, rushed attempt at connecting just to be used as a reference in a job application.
  • To avoid an uncomfortable situation like this, build connections gradually throughout your time in college.
  • By the time it comes for you to graduate, you will have secure, strong relationships that will help you launch your professional journey.

2. Connect with university faculty

  • Connecting with university faculty is important because your professors and advisors not only know you on a personal level, but they also know what you are capable of doing about tasks and projects.
  • Faculty can additionally help guide your career search and be a part of your growing network of people.
  •  Students can get a lot of great advice from professors about a wide range of issues.

3. Utilise your campus career centre

  • Many students either don’t use the resources at the career centre or simply forget that it exists, which can make the process of building a career even more difficult and isolating.
  • During your appointment with a career centre advisor, you expect them to help you narrow down career choices, pull out inner strengths and work on weaknesses, discover your passions and complement those passions with your skills.
  • This personal evaluation will help you figure out what kind of job you want and in what specific field.

4. Polish your resume

  • In order to stand out in front of potential employers, be sure to constantly and consistently polish your resume.
  • Advisors at your campus career centre can definitely help you with this.
  • Whether it is poor formatting, not having a great deal of experience on paper or any other issue, advisors can give you pointers to make your application presentable for potential employers.

5. Make use of social media

  • Before you graduate, clean up your social media accounts by looking at pictures, posts, and comments that may not be appropriate.
  • Additionally, search for your ideal job by using keywords on search engines and social media.
  • You can even look for people with similar interests as you on professional networks.
  • It also doesn’t hurt to reach out to your professors, join club organisations, and talk to classmates.
  • Remember to also look into various online job sites to find current postings in your field and area of interest.

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