Mental health tips: How to boost self-acceptance

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Education & Career Trends: September 26, 2022
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A lack of self-acceptance limits your capacity for happiness and affects your psychological and emotional well-being.

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Like any other skill, self-acceptance is something that we build up over time across all areas – personal, professional, academic, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. For instance, if you are not at your desired state of being at a point in time, do you shame yourself for it or do you accept yourself as you are at that certain point (note that many internal and external factors play a role)? Especially when you are sincerely working towards achieving your goals.

Self-acceptance is a key to happier living and improving your overall well-being. It also helps you control your emotions

A lack of self-acceptance limits your capacity for happiness and affects your psychological and emotional well-being. It keeps you focused on the negative aspects of yourself, and these negative thoughts create negative emotions.

Here are five simple things you can do to boost self- acceptance:

1. Be compassionate with yourself

  • The first step in self-acceptance is showing compassion to yourself, and accepting your weaknesses a d imperfections.
  • Instead of dwelling on the past, think about what can you change right now about yourself in the present.
  • Look at all areas of life- mental, spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical.
  • See which part of you needs more compassion and acceptance.

2. Be mindful of negative self-talk

  • Much of our negative self-talk happens in our subconscious, which means most of us are not consciously aware of our negative self-talk.
  • To bring such thoughts into awareness, try to quiet your mind and notice your inner thoughts and feelings.
  • What makes you anxious? What are you ashamed of? Which parts of yourself do you try to avoid thinking about?

3. Quiet your inner critic 

  • Another way to help generate acceptance for yourself is to notice your inner critic.
  • It is that voice that constantly tells you to not be satisfied with yourself and set high expectations.
  • Be aware of expectations which might actually be counterintuitive and false.

4. Focus on your strengths

  • Write down your 3 strengths and water them.
  • Energy is believed to be directed where the focus lies.
  • Focusing more on what is right, instead of what is lacking or not enough, will make it easier to move towards self-acceptance.

5. Drop the habit of self comparison

  • One reason self-acceptance is challenging is that we constantly compare ourselves to others.
  • When you stop comparing yourself to others, it opens the doors for you to look at your unique values.
  • External validation is important but so is being satisfied and confident in yourself.

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