The need for new-age digital skills in 2023

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Education & Career Trends: January 2, 2023

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Excerpts from an interview with some of the education players on ‘A look at the year 2023 on education’. Some of the experts witnessed over 70 per cent growth in young professionals aimed to upskill themselves, indicating the growing need for new-age digital skills. Now the demand is for data science, analytics, technology and management courses, supply chain management, cyber security, full stack development, data science and digital marketing.

An aim to focus on creating holistic learning experiences backed by a complete ecosystem of highly engaging programmes, adequate learning resources and top-of-the-line technology to enable our learners to upskill efficiently.

Technology will make the admissions & learning processes more personalised.

  • The integration of educational technology accelerated in the last two years, with Covid being the catalyst.
  • Technology spearheaded the change and transformed education at every rung of the ladder.
  • However, many companies went down as the pandemic waned and the quest for in-person education strengthened.
  • Overseas education consultants found their footing growing strong as the pandemic waned and more international students were determined to study overseas in pursuit of a better quality of life and opportunities.
  • 2023 will bring more success to the study abroad ecosystem as countries warm up to more international students and students explore new territories to chart their lives.
  • Technology would make the admissions and learning process more personalized and inclusive. Transformative technologies like gamification, nano learning, and metaverse will seep into the learning narratives of tomorrow, bringing in paradigm shifts in education and creating enhanced opportunities for learners.

Lateral talent will be in demand with digitalisation.

  • the demand for tech talent is also increasing.
  • The demand is now more for hybrid or physical talent rather than completely remote.
  • Python was in demand in both 2020 and 2021 owing to the surge in digitalisation.
  • However, the year 2022 witnessed a surge in demand for Java because of the hiring spree that is happening in the non-tech sectors.
  • Since the non-tech sector is hiring, there is a need for more experienced or lateral tech talent which has brought down the hiring of freshers for tech roles.
  • The lateral talent is again more in demand as a lot of tech talent can be upskilled or reskilled.
  • Experienced professionals should be encouraged to upskill to stay abreast with the ever-evolving technologies.
  • The tech talent must opt for skill enhancement programmes especially the ones following the experiential method to improve their employability.

The need to leverage the quality of education.

  • This push is not only necessary for teachers to impart education in newer and more effective ways, but also for their own professional growth into seasoned and wise leaders.
  • In 2023, we will continue to see teacher education being prioritised by the government, as well as educational institutions.
  • The sector is being revolutionised globally, and India needs to leverage this to uplift our quality of education further.
  • To be a global leader in all spheres, it is vital for our country to ensure our educators are well-equipped with all the knowledge and expertise necessary to develop students into able leaders of our future.

Guiding students to face challenges.

  • As students came back to school in 2022, schools across witnessed the emergence of new challenges.
  • While, earlier, they were struggling to cope with online learning and isolation from their social groups on resumption of physical classes, many felt the pressure of going back to a school schedule they were no longer used to.
  • It is the responsibility of all educators to continue to support them and guide them through the challenges they have been facing, and help them optimise their potential.
  • On the other hand, the two years gone by have taught us lessons in resilience and gratitude and whatever be the challenges in future, we would all be in a better position to handle change.
  • There had been a significant paradigm shift in the nature of education.
  • 2023 will take us onto new journeys and we are all geared up to take the strides towards excellence.

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