Tips to get a New Job in a Different Industry

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Career Trends: June 4, 2022
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Transitioning to a different industry is possible with the right knowledge, detailed research and adequate preparation.

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At some point in your career, you might have a desire to change industries. For instance, you might think of switching from the energy industry to technology, healthcare or manufacturing. If you apply for a job in an industry that is different from the one you worked in previously, recruiters and hiring managers might struggle to understand how you will be a great fit for their job.

Some professionals might think it is a difficult task to transition to a different industry. However, it is possible with the right knowledge, detailed research and adequate preparation. You need to make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to see you as a good fit for their job openings.

Tips & Techniques for a Successful Transition

  • Revise your resume – Revamp your resume and cover letter to ensure that you remove specific industry jargon and language that does not apply to the industry you are targeting.
  • Add your experience and achievements – Make sure the achievements and skills you add to your resume and cover letter are easy to understand by most people. They should also be pertinent to the role for which you are applying.
  • Include target key skills – Study your target or dream job descriptions and insert key skills and achievements that relate to your target or dream jobs in your resume and cover letter.
  • Edit your LinkedIn profile – Review your LinkedIn profile to ensure that it highlights your skills, education and achievements in the context of your target job and industry. In the education and experience sections of LinkedIn, add relevant qualifications, certifications and achievements.
  • Use your network – Reach out to friends and connections on LinkedIn who work in the industry that you are targeting to learn more about what it is like working in it. Set up informational interviews with them to get your questions answered, especially about the challenges that come with the sector.
  • Gather information – Research your target companies and industries to understand their businesses, customers, challenges, competitive advantages and financial profiles. You can use LinkedIn and Google to conduct your research. You can also go directly to the company’s website.
  • Be clear during the interview – When you get an interview, clearly articulate how your skills, knowledge and experience relate to the job.
  • Ask questions – During your job interview, ask specific questions that will enable you to learn more about the challenges the company or department is facing. Afterward, narrate how you have helped your current or previous employer solve a problem that your potential new employer is facing. It is usually best to explain your achievements using the problem, action and result form.

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