Why is Career Planning Important?

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Article by: Ms Maliha Fatima (Writer, MA Psychology & ICS Career GPS alumna)

Edited by: Ms Sanchita Dwivedi

Selecting a career that matches your interests not only benefits your professional life but also your emotional well-being. (Image Credit: Dreamstime)

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
French writer, poet and pioneering aviator

A five-year-old may wish to become a policeman, a 10-year-old may dream of becoming a pilot, and a teenager may aspire to become a renowned scientist.

Everyone dreams of becoming someone.

As we grow, our interests evolve. When we reach the stage where we have to start making important educational decisions, which will affect our future career paths, it is vital to understand what is it that we truly wish to become.

You will find many buses at the station, but you have to know your destination to be able to decide which one to board.

Similarly, while deciding on a particular career, you should consider whether you have the passion and ability to shine in it. It is essential to choose your profession on the basis of your interests.

I came across a doctor who has been serving her patients with the same dedication over the past two decades. Whenever she’s asked how she never gets tired or why she never complains, her reply is: “I’m doing what I love. So, how can I get bored?”

The girl who scored 95 out of 100

Sometimes, students choose careers on the basis of their marks. A girl scored 95 out of 100 in economics and business studies. Everyone around her expected her to make her career in commerce or economics. But that wasn’t something she loved or wanted to pursue as a career. Her passion was psychology and she chose it.

I am that girl. Choosing psychology has brought me both – happiness and career satisfaction.

Selecting a career that matches your interests not only benefits your professional life but also your emotional well-being. If you choose something that you don’t enjoy, you end up feeling perplexed and trapped.

People often complain about job stress that arises out of procrastination. They need to understand the reason behind this procrastination: their lack of interest in what they do.

Once you know what you want to become, the next question is ‘How’.

If you don’t know the answer to this question, you will waste precious time, energy and resources without getting any closer to your goals.

A good example is: Suppose you want to visit a new cafe that has opened recently, but you don’t know the directions. What will you do? Will you randomly guess the direction and start moving without any knowledge, or will you first gather information about the location and then start your journey?

Using a GPS will lead you to your destination without any hiccups – and through the shortest and smartest possible route.

Likewise, timely and proper career planning will help you realise your professional goals without feeling frustrated and lost. In fact, knowing your best next steps will fill you up with enthusiasm about your journey.

The decision you take today will shape your tomorrow.

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49 Replies to “Why is Career Planning Important?”

  1. Well-written. It is so true that we procrastinate because we have no interest in the present thing. Career planning should be done keeping our interests in mind.

  2. As u quote “ if u chose something that u don’t enjoy, you end up feeling perplexed and trapped” I think it’s important to know and understand how to build up the basic of ur career path if u want to lead stress free life. A very well thoughtful topic brought up in simple and organised manner.

  3. What a article..loved it..I m sure many who might be struggling in achieving their goals n destinations reading thz article will definitely enlighten their ways..keep it up Maliha..

  4. Perfectly correct Maliha , Best advice comes from Career counselors who are from psychology background. They guide us towards both emotional and professional well being.. Proud of you??

  5. Great article Maliha…..Well explained and nicely written. Indeed for all the happiness and contentment it is essential to choose a career based on one’s interest.

  6. It’s always good to dream but even better to have a plan because that promotes actions which helps us achieve our dreams. It’s good to read these articles. Appreciate you spreading this awareness.

  7. Superb, Maliha! It is so important to chose careers that stimulate us and make us happy! So thrilled to see you working in a field you are passionate about.
    Good luck!

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