6 Ways To Tap The Power Of Your Intuition

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Education & Career Trends: January 25, 2023

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Contrary to popular belief, intuition requires experience and can be enhanced through the application of a few fundamental rules.

Intuition is your inward voice, your wisdom within, which is free from the impact of outside sources. Individuals who are supposed to be “in order” with their intuition may mean they are great at limiting interruptions and understanding what they need throughout everyday life.

Research on intuition shows that overthinking can truly hurt our dynamic interaction and our process of decision-making. Yet, does going with our nature, or our intuition, lead to pursuing any better choices?

Intuition can likewise be basic expertise in business, as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said in his self-named life story, “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”

Contrary to popular belief, intuition requires experience and can be enhanced through the application of a few fundamental rules.

What can you do to tap into your intuition?

1. Tap your internal GPS.

Every person has an internal sense of direction. Our intuition may steer us in a particular direction while making a decision. Nevertheless, we frequently ignore our internal guidance out of a desire to appease and please others or because we are not accustomed to acting on our instincts.

2. Understand your body-language.

Your body has a characteristic propensity to reflect your inward sentiments. Your body could open up or stop based on how your mind sees something near you. You see this in reality constantly: somebody can dismiss someone with their non-verbal communication by turning their torso away and folding their arms even before saying a word.

To take advantage of your intuition, screen your non-verbal actions to different stimuli:

  • Open non-verbal communication: Signs like turning your body towards something, smiling and inclining ahead are all markers that you are engaged and in agreement and that your intuition says, “OK!”
  • Closed non-verbal communication: Alternately, prompts like crossed arms, tightened lips, or inclining backwards can point towards your intuition going, “No.”
3. Try naming your emotions.

Emotions can be complicated.

Our intuition might be obscured by troubling emotions, especially when they’re behaving out of control or are in overdrive. So when this happens, try to name your feelings in order to simplify things.

Although it can seem absurd, we frequently give names to inanimate objects. This is called anthropomorphising and we conduct it by naming things like boats, trucks, instruments, toys etc. It can help promote social interaction and lessen loneliness, according to research.

4. Build your mental extensions.

One outstanding quality that intuitive people have is the ability to connect and bridge various ideas. All things considered, your intuition in novel situations is greater the more your brain is able to link disparate scenarios together.

Building your insight is how mental bridges function. You may strengthen your intuition and build more long-term scaffolds by learning about a variety of different subjects.

Investigate a novel pastime. Attend another course. Think about reading something else. To build your psychological and mental extensions, learn new stuff.

5. Visualise your decisions and solutions.

Visualisation is a powerful tool.

Whenever you have a difficult decision to make, try visualising the different routes or paths you can take to confront that difficult decision and reach the best solution.

List down the different scenarios you can think of. Go over them one by one and visualise how do you think each will play out. Previous knowledge and experience plays a major role in this regards however your general sense of interpersonal relationships can also help you to reach and select the best possible route to reach a conclusion.

6. Reflect on the past instances.

Do you remember a time when you followed your intuition?

Alternatively, you may also pose the following question to yourself: When did you last ignore your gut feeling?

Reflecting on your past and asking yourself these crucial questions will assist in identifying those pivotal instances where your intuition was used.

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