Career Trends: 10 great tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

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Edition: June 11th, 2021
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Excerpts from article by Liana Zavo, published in the Forbes

The mantra of success comes from the failures that we encounter and the challenges that we overcome in life.

When you’re young, you look up to successful people and use their stories as inspiration. You adopt the valuable lessons and qualities of these significant individuals to break through the glass ceiling and achieve success.

However, there are other steps also that you can take.

Here are the 10 great pieces of career advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and thought leaders who aim for the top:

1. Remember, learning is the first step

As humans, we are prone to making mistakes in life. We settle the score by learning from our faults and developing better habits. But why do we keep on making the same mistakes over and over again? It is because we refuse to learn. When we start to acknowledge our lapses, we can move forward and become better individuals.

2. Believe in your own power

People tell you that you should conform to what society dictates you to do. But don’t let the words of others define who you are. You know your capabilities, so, be confident about what you can do to serve your community and reach your goals. Do not let limitations and doubts cloud your confidence because you are more than what people say. Believe in yourself.

3. Be grateful

When you start being grateful, you begin to see things in a new light. You have gloomy days because, sometimes, all that you can think of are problems – and this drains your energy. As you practise the value of gratitude, you start to feel positive and invigorated. Being thankful for the blessings you receive daily encourages you to work harder. It makes you happier, more content, and accepting of the things that are beyond your control.

4. When in doubt, go back to your “why” 

In a world full of distractions, we undoubtedly go astray and lose sight of our goals. It is vital to stay rooted in your purpose by reminding yourself consistently why you’re doing what you’re doing. In times of doubt, look back to where you started. This helps you evoke the passion you felt when you commenced your mission.

5. Don’t forget – failure is the foundation of success

We tend to perceive failure as a heavy downfall. Therefore, we try to avoid it by playing safe or doing nothing at all. Taking risks is an inevitable part of the journey if you want to be successful. If we fail, we can stand up and try again. You might fail many times when you start your business, but you should refuse to stay defeated. Your failures become your stepping stones to success.

6. Seize the moment

Clichéd as it may sound, this is the truth. Nothing comes to fruition if we do not take action. Doing our best every day brings in positive results rather than doing things half-heartedly. Opportunities come when we least expect them. It is crucial to be ready and seize the chance when it presents itself. Preparation is the key to grasping opportunities.

7. Be adaptable and stay relevant

Both last year and this year have been challenging for everyone, but this time also revealed the various other directions that people can take to move ahead and keep pursuing their dreams. The ability to switch directions according to the changing situation gives us the advantage to be at the forefront. If you remain stuck in the old ways, it will be harder to keep up with the changing trends.

8. Always know that people are rooting for you

Never let the noise pull you down. You may not seem to notice it straight away, but some people support and believe in you till the very end. Instead of stressing over those you can’t please, turn to those who are ready to hold your hand. Never take these individuals for granted because they are vital to helping you reach your goals.

9. Be prepared to face the ‘rainy days’

The Sun doesn’t shine always. There are rainy days, too. Life goes up and down and, usually, it’s a matter of taking the good with the bad. You will have tough days but don’t let that hinder you from fulfilling your mission. Make sure to keep moving forward and enjoy the journey. Tomorrow is another chance to start over and become better.

10. You don’t need to rush, success will come in its own time

Age and gender are not the ultimate barriers that stop us from attaining our dreams. It is our self-limiting beliefs.

Renowned billionaires, celebrities and thought-leaders reached the pinnacle at different phases of their lives. It might take you years to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, but never let these factors become obstacles in your path.

Finally and MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t forget that family is an essential aspect of your life. Family can be a great source of inspiration and motivation.

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