Career Trends: 4 Smart Steps To Make Your Big Career Leap in 2022

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Edition: September 18th, 2021
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Adequate research and impactful presentation of your skills are at the heart of making a smart career move. (Image source: Internet)

Saying goodbye to a familiar job is never easy. According to CNBC reporting, the Great Resignation has made its mark. In September 2021 alone, 4.4 million people in America walked away from their jobs. Yet they didn’t walk into an abyss. For many, the journey was short — and led straight to their dream occupations.

It could be the right time to expand your personal brand and open the door to a new career. Of course, even with many “for hire” signs and job listings around, you need to do your homework.

Below are four ways to make your career move as efficient and rewarding as possible: 

1. Showcase your industry passion on social media.

  • When you want to make inroads into any sector, you can’t be silent about it. Especially online.
  • Today, you can be sure that as soon as you submit a résumé, hiring managers will check out what you’ve said on social media. In fact, as noted by Jeff Mazur, executive director of the nonprofit LaunchCode, employers may already be looking for someone like you online. So show them something impressive.
  • Many hiring managers don’t wait around to receive information about top candidates. Rather, they actively source through social listening. 
  • So, don’t be shy. Tout your expertise by writing and sharing content, commenting on recent trends, or engaging in dialogue on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
  • Stand out on social media now to show potential employers how well you could fit into their industry.

2. Research companies thoroughly before applying.

  • It’s so easy to research potential employers now. Just google the brand and let your fingers do the clicking, tapping, or swiping.
  • But pay attention to what you read beyond the company’s first page. Head straight to their “careers” and “about us” sections to find mission and vision statements.
  • Also, when you google, set the results to “news” so that you’ll find recent news coverage of the company.
  • Research by Glassdoor suggests that nearly half of all human resources experts recommend that applicants investigate employers’ work cultures.
  • A good way to gauge culture is to see what employees and even the public are saying about the organisation on social media.

3. Upgrade your skills and certifications.

  • Are you thinking about entering a new industry?
  • Making a lateral move in your current sector?
  • Trying for a serious promotion in terms of authority, pay and title?
  • For all of the above, you may need to brush up and upgrade your skill sets.
  • The good news is it’s never been easier to sharpen your skills and demonstrate your willingness to learn something new from the comfort of home, with minimal investment.
  • Look for online opportunities to gain education and certification in your area of interest. For example, you could earn certification for project management, human resources or leadership. 
  • Not sure which skills would most impress employers? Consider the title of the job you’re after. Then, look up people with similar titles on LinkedIn. Write down some of their educational backgrounds, certifications, and training experiences. Spending just a few minutes on this type of activity can give you tons of valuable information.
  • Another way to figure out your personal skills gaps is to read through job advertisements online. What “must-have” or “nice-to-have” skills are you missing? And how will that align with your personal brand? Your answers will give you a clear direction to follow. 

4. Leverage your network for help and referrals.

  • You might be surprised at how willing people within your network can be when it comes to helping you land a new gig. This includes not only those who know you well, such as your mentor or former colleagues, but also people you’ve never met in real life — think LinkedIn groups or people you met within the past year during virtual conferences.
  • Don’t worry about geography, either: More employers than ever are open to remote work situations. Consequently, someone from halfway around the world could potentially assist you in finding a terrific, lucrative job.
  • If your current work situation prevents you from shouting your quest from the rooftops, you can of course exercise discretion. It’s all in how you phrase your outreach requests. Other people can’t help you if they don’t know you’re looking for a leg up.

It’s an exciting time for job seekers, especially if you’re willing to prepare thoroughly. Crafting a great online first impression, doing your research, sharpening your skills, and networking strategically will make your pursuit productive.


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