Education Trends: Embrace Art for Mental Peace

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Edition: November 14th, 2021
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Engaging in creative activities, such as drawing and painting, keeps your mind sharp and enhances the quality of your life. (Image Credit: Canva)
  • Excerpts from article by Aarrti Zaveri, published on The Pioneer

The benefits of exercise and a healthy diet in improving our life quality are well-known. But there isn’t as much conversation about the positive effects of engaging in creative activities, daily. Painting, drawing, sketching and creating other types of artwork not only helps keep our minds sharp, but also ushers in joy and tranquility.

Here are some ways in which art enhances our physical and mental health:

1. Promotes stress reduction

  • A mental health disorder could be accompanied by anxiety, stress or depression.
  • The act of painting is an emotionally liberating one for the mind, allowing it to relax and let go of all the difficulties that lead to stress.
  • In addition to stimulating the creative mind, those who paint something beautiful also facilitate the release of mental tension.
  • Reduced stress contributes to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

2. Expands creativity

  • Those with a right-brained artistic outlook may be more naturally gifted in creating beautiful paintings.
  • However, analytical left-brained individuals can stimulate and grow their creativity by practising the art.
  • Developing creative skills at your own pace also gives you immense satisfaction as you grow.

3. Enhances memory

  • Art sharpens the intellect through conceptualisation and application, as well as helping to improve memory.
  • As people age, they are less likely to suffer memory loss diseases if they get involved in creative pursuits such as writing, painting and drawing.

4. Supports emotional growth

  • The process of releasing emotions through the creation of art can be beneficial for many.
  • By expressing your feelings through art, you can better understand and examine the variables that lead to your mood swings.
  • As an artist experiments with diverse painting forms, he/she can better grasp what emotions, such as pleasure, sadness, love or rage, get evoked by each medium and style.
  • Abstract expressions can go a long way in providing a vent for our pent-up emotions and promoting healing.

5. Encourages a positive attitude

  • Art provides a calm, creative atmosphere to develop and nurture your ideas, and become more optimistic.
  • At any age, painting promotes mental health, and starting a new hobby is never too late.
  • Artists can use their art to cultivate a positive attitude – not just in themselves but in people around them too.

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