Essential in-demand skills to learn for a career in the IT sector

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Career Trends: August 18, 2022
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The use of technology will be increasing in the future, and the requirements of skilled individuals will also experience a surge.

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With industrial revolution 4.0 on the horizon, every aspect of the business is undergoing a technological transformation. Information Technology (IT) has been a contributor to a myriad of changes for organisations in terms of operations, approaching a customer, digital solutions, and working methodologies

Organisations have understood the importance of IT as an integral part of the infrastructure to thrive in the competitive market. But with rapid changes in the domain comes the demand for skilled talent to recognise the industry’s needs and cultivate relevant skills.

As the World Economic Forum states, by 2025, machines will displace 80 million jobs and about 100 million jobs will be created in the IT industry with these new sets of skills.

IT skills: To thrive in competitive markets

Companies are creating digital products with the help of IT for their consumers. To create these products, understanding the customer is a crucial task and then using information technology to cater to their needs is a special skill to attain.

Initially, an individual must gain agility, critical thinking, analytical skills, and cognitive abilities as a part of soft skill development. However, for surviving in the industry, hard skills are also required.

Therefore, an amalgamation of these skills will be necessary for the future of the IT industry.

Here are some of the in-demand skills of this technology-driven era:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence has widespread use in business such as streamlining operations and making faster decisions accurately.
  • With a lot of data coming into the servers daily, there is a need to sort the data with only relevant information.
  • AI, when used with a combination of machine learning, has the power to transform businesses as experienced by industrial experts.
  • Apart from the IT industry, it is also changing Fintech, healthcare, banking, transportation and education sectors.
  • With the increasing demand for the sub-fields such as deep learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing), individuals with the skillset of STEM will be able to fill in the position.
2. Cloud Computing and Development
  • Due to the scalability, flexibility and durability of cloud technology, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is trending in the industries.
  • The companies are keen to adapt to cloud technology due to its cost-effectiveness and PAYG (Pay as you Go) pricing model.
  • Learn cloud development skills to enjoy a lucrative career with MNCs and cloud development organisations.
  • In addition, the organisations are readily using GCP (cloud) and automated workflow development technologies to manage data pipelines, data integration and build process reliability.
3. Full-stack Development and DevOps
  • A full stack developer works on the client side and the server side making them one of the most demanded professionals in the IT industry.
  • It requires versatile skills to be a full stack developer with knowledge in multiple domains such as database management, version control, and frontend with backend development.
  • With expertise in diverse subjects make them crucial for the organisation to solve technical issues.
  • In addition, a parallel domain of DevOps is an essential skill to learn for individuals as they are responsible for increasing the productivity of the organisation by developing tools and infrastructure, testing, maintaining, upgrading and deploying codes.
4. Data Science and Analytics
  • For increasing business scalability and improvise business operations, organizations require data scientists.
  • They help collect valuable information and then analyse it to improve business performance with data-driven decisions.
  • In the digitally transforming society, data is a vital factor for organisations to get insights into their customer’s needs.
  • To get into this field of the future, seekers should be skilled in subjects such as mathematics and statistics, have an eye for detail and an analytical approach to solving problems related to data.
5. AR, VR & UX (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and User Experience)
  • As companies are indulging in developing metaverse, AR and VR are crucial technologies.
  • In addition, with the rise of omnichannel marketing, this can be used to connect with prospects on a personalised level.
  • AR is being recognised by brands for the processes like brand establishment and recognition online.
  • User experience (UX) has been a significant factor in engaging more customers, therefore it is the most demanding skill in the IT industry.
  • Programmers skilled with UI/UX with knowledge of AR and VR are rising in the business demands.
6. Blockchain Development
  • A distributed ledger is a new technology for organisations with very few experts in the market.
  • However, its use and ability to keep the data unique with high security is making it a popular IT skill in the industry today.
  • In addition, as the demand for Cryptocurrency rises on a global level, Grand view research forecasts the blockchain market to be $ 1431.54 billion by 2030.
  • Furthermore, a lot of applications have come forward to cater for the needs of the BFSI sector, making Blockchain development a demanding skill in the market.

The above-stated skills are the most in demand for organisational development. Individuals must hone these skills to gain better opportunities in the market, and get future ready for diverse job domains in the IT industry.

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