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Education & Career Trends: September 22, 2022
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Slipping into a rabbit-hole of content consumption can very easily disrupt your daily schedule.

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As human beings it is in our nature to strive for perfection. However, no amount of fancy planners or genius productivity hacks realistically bring us closer to that ideal state of being. And in this process of striving to achieve that perfection, we often overlook the most important aspect of finding a balance. How do we stay upright when life pulls us in a million different directions?

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach—everyone has different priorities and responsibilities, it is still important to inculcate habits that help in balancing time, mental health, and personal goals.

Here are some simple tips you can try:

1. Start journaling

  • It helps you pen your thoughts down.
  • Not only does journaling help you work through how you feel about events happening in your life and the world, it is also a great way to focus and “empty your brain.”
  • But before you pick up the journal, think about your priorities and how journaling would best serve you.
  • Are you navigating your way through your career? Looking to find time for yourself? Building better health habits? Pick your journal accordingly, and try to check in with yourself every day.

2. Take control of your sleep schedule

  • Our phones, laptops, and other devices emit blue light, which researchers now know directly interferes with our quality of sleep.
  • With the lives of people becoming busier each day, quality is arguably more important than quantity when it comes to one’s sleep schedule.
  • So avoid bright screens, exercise, and caffeine two to three hours before hitting the sack.
  • Developing a calming bedtime routine and establishing set times to go to sleep and wake up every day will do wonders for your sleep improvement journey.

3. Make time for yourself

  • Whether you are a student or a working professional, it’s easy to get crushed by an endless to-do list.
  • To manage priorities and set clear boundaries, schedule a free time on your calendar.
  • Though it may seem “unproductive,” taking out time for self-care and rest is equally important.

4. Pick up new hobbies and explore your interests

  • Leave room for creativity and dive in to your interests.
  • So, go down that history rabbit hole, paint even if your art skills are less than amateurish, take a dance class, or read that book a friend recommended.
  • Taking ownership of a project outside of work lends a sense of autonomy and boosts self-esteem.

5. Say “no” more often

  • Setting personal boundaries is an important aspect.
  • Don’t overextend yourself, and delegate tasks you find overwhelming.
  • Take on only what you know you can handle.
  • This may sound counterintuitive, but it will actually make you more productive and more proficient at what you do.

6. Limit your to-do list

  • Keep adding tasks to your to-do list can very easily lead to burnout.
  • Instead of pushing yourself with infinite tasks, order your tasks by importance and work from the top.

7. Limit your phone usage

  • There are a lot of apps you can use to track your screen time.
  • These allow users to limit how much time they spend on their devices.
  • It is important so as to not slip into a rabbit-hole of content consumption which can very easily disrupt your daily schedule.

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