Why a Healthy Mind & Body is the Basis of Career Success

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Education & Career Trends: July 27, 2022
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The quality of our physical and mental health together significantly influences our capacity to perform.

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Like a house we all need a good foundation. Our physical and mental well-being are the foundations of our life and our very existence. They are the platform from which we function and perform, and our degree of success is very much the outcome of our actions and performance over time. 

A healthy body promotes good mental health. This is because being physically active boosts our energy levels, mood, concentration skills, and self-image. Exercise also releases endorphins, which make us feel happier by activating the reward system in our brains that gives us pleasure and lessens pain.

Similarly our mental health also has direct effects on our physical health and overall well-being.

To put it simply – the quality of our physical and mental health together significantly influences our capacity to perform. 

Here are some points explaining how our physical and mental wellbeing together regulate our performance level and work output:

1. Brain Function

  • It’s well proven that our brain functions significantly better when we are in a positive environment and mood.
  • This particularly applies to cognitive brain functions like memory, problem-solving, retention, accuracy, and creativity. These are all things that significantly influence our chances success at a task.
  • Good hydration, brain breaks, empty mind moments, and some good old-fashioned laughter are simple but incredibly effective mood and brain boosters! 

2. Energy

  • There is no doubt that energy motivates every one of us.
  • It is harnessed both in the form of physical and mental energy, and to be a top-performer we must be able to replenish both.
  • If we have ample energy, it stands to reason that this will allow us to perform better and for longer.
  • Quality nutrition and exercise are our two biggest energy raisers.

3. Character and Charisma

  • Along with the energy that motivates us, character and charisma are essential.
  • We all have great qualities inside of us which we need to acknowledge and nurture. However, unless we are feeling like the best version of ourselves, both physically and mentally, these positive attributes won’t shine as brightly as they should.
  • Personal development though books and other learning platforms will improve our skillset, confidence, and character.

4. Conviction of Our Actions

  • To reach the top of any industry, we must truly believe in what we do and why we do it.
  • If you are not practising what you are preaching, it can become your undoing very quickly.
  • But when you have a solid foundation that prioritises your own health, wellness and happiness, the resultant positivity of your actions will be shining brightly for everyone to see.
  • Find purpose in what you do and be proud of it.

5. Likeability 

  • Likeability is important when it comes to success.
  • When you are prioritising your own physical and mental health, a direct effect is that you will also like yourself.
  • This positive state of mind will radiate out to your team and to your clients. 

6. People and Opportunity 

  • Even in this modern world of tech and virtual realities, it is through people and opportunity that you will ultimately find success. 
  • Think of the people you have met in your life and your career that seem to have an energy and warmth about them.
  • These are the people who have put in the work to create a healthy mind and body.
  • Simply think of the person or people who inspire you the most, consider the behaviours, actions, and attitudes they are likely to display and start to do the same yourself.

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