Education Trends: 3 Tips to ace your IELTS speaking test

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Edition: January 9th, 2022
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It is not impossible to score well on your speaking test. (Image Source:

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most used tests that are used by various universities worldwide for evaluating students wishing to study abroad.

It has four modules

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Of these, students often find the test for the speaking module difficult to attempt as it is in an interview format. However, it is not impossible to score well on your speaking test.

You can follow these 3 simple tips to ensure a good score in your exam-

1. Be confident.

  • Do not be too afraid of the test or your interviewer as it may cause you to get nervous and cause you to fumble while answering.
  • Think of the test like any other test you’ve given before and don’t get extra cautious just because the test is in interview format.
  • Speak in one go, as pausing in the midst of sentences might reflect that you have trouble forming sentences in English.

2. Don’t be afraid to speak from your heart.

  • While expressing extreme views might not be the best idea for any exam, you should be free to express any views you have within the ambit of the question.
  • Remember, the interviewer is not there to judge you on your views but on your command of the language.
  • Being apprehensive about speaking something you like might cause you to look for words while speaking which might leave a bad impression on the interviewer.

3. Practice beforehand.

  • No test can be given without preparing for it; similarly, you need to prepare for the speaking test by conducting mock interviews with your teachers or someone more experienced in English than you.
  • You can also read out aloud to learn the correct usage of words and how to pronounce them.
  • While using too many flamboyant words might not work in your favour, don’t be afraid to learn new words before your test and use them to score well.


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