The 4 Major AI Developments Of 2022: How Are They Transforming The Way We Function?

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Education & Career Trends: January 30, 2023

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Four innovations stand out among the various advancements in 2022 and will be important in 2023 and beyond.

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2022 saw numerous incredible advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Some anticipate that these developments may eventually lead to artificial general intelligence, which some consider the pinnacle of what we have at present (narrow AI). Artificial general intelligence is a machine that can efficiently and accurately imitate humans’ decision-making, thinking and problem-solving abilities. 

Four innovations stand out among the various advancements in 2022 and will be important in 2023 and beyond, both in terms of the debates about the use of AI and responsible design development and in terms of their potential to revolutionise our society.

The 4 key AI developments of 2022:


  • DALL-E is an AI which can generate images from spoken cues or language prompts. 
  • Many of us experimented with the technology, enjoying the freedom it provided us to create in novel ways.
  • Others were concerned that AI would replace human creativity and innovation.
  • Furthermore, because DALL-E uses images from the internet, there is the worry that those cultures with scant online representation would out be overlooked by these models leading to lesser global representation.

2. ChatGPT

  • ChatGPT generates text and code. 
  • Newspaper articles, student essays, speeches, scientific papers, and other types of materials can be included.
  • It does so in response to a textual prompt that the users provide. 
  • Concerns about DALL-E also apply to ChatGPT since it is a “black box,” and we don’t know how it operates.
  • However, there is no denying that ChatGPT will be a vital tool if used in the correct manner with a promise to greatly increase productivity.

3. AlphaCode

  • Additionally, DeepMind produced an algorithm that creates code efficiently.
  • The algorithm, AlphaCode, has cracked nearly 30% of coding challenges in a highly complex coding competition against humans, also defeating 72% of human coders in average competitions.
  • Although this number may appear minimal, the algorithm will learn at an exponential rate; consider AlphaGo, which can currently outperform all human GO players.
  • AI won’t likely totally replace programming, but it will drastically reduce the number of human programmers required.

4. Gato

  • Gato, branded a “generalist agent” by its creators DeepMind, is a significant advancement since it can perform many tasks efficiently whereas other powerful algorithms can only do one or two tasks really well.
  • This features Atari gaming, titling images, user chat, robotic arm block stacking, and more.
  • With this advancement, we can go from a narrow AI that can only perform one task to an AI that can perform a variety of tasks.

The advancements in AI in 2022 have prepared the field for substantial advancements and improvements in 2023. In particular, this entails starting discussions on the best ways to apply and develop AI.

What advancements are expected to be seen in 2023?

A number of sectors are anticipated to further embrace the technology in 2023. There will probably be significant improvements in a number of industries, including healthcare and senior care. This involves boosting care by doing things like interpreting x-rays and upgrading administrative procedures, which will, among other things, cut expenses and guarantee frequent treatments. Additionally, improvements in AI are anticipated in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and industry verticals like human resources.

Additionally, we should anticipate increased discussion this year on how AI should be used in society. For instance, law enforcement agencies are using AI-powered face recognition systems, which has raised widespread worries about privacy and monitoring. Weapons with AI capabilities are also being used in public places. 

Beyond everything, the key issue for 2023 will still be how to and to what extent should AI systems be deployed, rather than whether they can be precise and effective.

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